Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sweet Memories

by: Ladyjo

Sweet memories…
Collected in love songs and eminent places
Painted in movies and soft embraces
Delectable meals across a table of smiling faces
Whispering sweet names and familiar phrases
Exchanging adoring looks and intimate gazes
As I’m remembering love

Memories of frozen moments in time
Seemed like it was created by the divine
Portraits of what should have been for a lifetime
When a professed love was defined
Romanticizing emotions that were so sublime
Each moment forced our hearts to align
As beings who were destined to intertwined

Sweet memories…
Shared, when love was young and tender
When hearts were vulnerable and surrendered
And emotions had no sensor
And willingness was not endangered
A comfort to bare in honest splendor
Finding hope in a love we both choose to render
As I’m remembering love

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