Sunday, October 9, 2016

No Strings Attached

                                                         :by LadyJo

Yesterday, like Ayanla, I cried
Understanding the realism,
Some thing inside me died
This feeling I thought had subside,
Resurfaced, when this tune replayed in my head

“I wanna be loved Not for who you think I am
Nor what you want me to be could you love me for me?
Real love, with no strings attached, I wanna give you me heart
Don't want to take it back”  Back!... Back!...

I don’t wanna take it back,
So don’t give it back
For me to mend,
Or contend
With the realization
That our love has come to an end
That our Love no longer exists
And the temptation of you
I now need to resist
The need to hear your voice
Or see your face
To hold your hand
Or fall in your embrace

Don’t give it back
The laughter the happiness
Sweet memories and warm caress
All the special qualities you possess
No longer will I have the privilege to admire
When only your heart was all I desired

Don’t give it back
Don’t give back those times
When hello gave butterflies
When faces gleamed with smiles
And sadness arise at the sound of good-byes
When tomorrow seemed so far
When love was made and not war
In this moment -- was all that mattered
Now here I sit shedding tears like rivers
For my heart has been shattered.

Don’t give it back
Please don’t give back
The “I love yous”
Or the sweet Sugar Boos
The names only us two knew
That showed just how much I was into you
While blocking out the world around
Looking into your big brown, eyes
So profound
For your soul was what I saw
Which confused the hell out of me
When from my heart you said you need to withdraw

Don’t give it back
Don’t give back my heart
That you’ve broken into a million pieces
For I know, my love for you, continues to flow
Till this life forever ceases
For your love I won’t return
It was because of you I’ve learn
To be real and unlock the seal
That shields my most precious possession

Why do you want to give it back?
Why choose to turn my blues skies black
Is it something you need that I lack
Or maybe it’s to someone else to whom you now flack
Please don’t give it back
Please don’t put my mind under this attack
For I gave you my heart
With no strings attached

And I don’t want to take it back.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Show Me You

by: LadyJo

From your words, your commands, I’ve been taught, With a price I know I’ve been bought
Because of your Love, your kingdom I will enter, One day when all I surrender
One desire I ask you to reveal, Show Me You, Help me ignore what I feel
Whether in the sky big and blue, Or beneath the ocean through and through
Always remind me it’s all because of you,
Anywhere I go within this land, Show Me You, Father help me to understand
Open my heart and help me to know, through you, all things die and all things grow
So show me your love, Show me your kingdom, Above all bless me with spiritual wisdom
Take my hand, Guide my path, Help me to avoid forever your wrath
Close and open doors allow me see, The times you’ve always provided for me
Give me strength, Give me courage, With your word give me your knowledge
Bless me always with gifts from above, And let me live forever in your Love
For on the day I depart from this earth
Only then will I see and understand the true meaning of your birth

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eyes Gazed On Low

By Ladyjo

Eyes gazed on low, Filled with storms of rain, Poured out upon
From the brokenness of heart, To see the paths chosen
Directed by fear… faithless, hopeless
Of a future already laid out, Ohhh, how much love you must have
To look on low, To see evil prevail… chosen
Darkness rule the path… chosen
Your children stray……..chosen
Ohhh, why must you shed tears
How many more drops, How many more pain
How many more floggings, How many more ground covered red
Repeating the Via Dolorosa
Because of You… creator, potter, way-maker, path-director,
Provider, comforter, healer, omnipotent, omnipresent
Why doubt… the tomorrows, Why fear… what’s already been
Why live… as if eternity exists not, Why hope… for yesterday
Why faith… only when seen, Why trust… my future, my hands
Oh how precious are the Eyes that gazed on low
Filled with storms of rain, Poured out upon, Us
From the brokenness of heart, Bestowed
Forgive, I plea, Forgive…and seize not thy Love from thee

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Echoes of You

By: Ladyjo

Echoes of your touch still lingers on my fingertips. Just as the taste of your lips still lingers from your ardent kiss. Thoughts of you gracefully waltz on the dance floor of my mind. To a familiar melody that’s now stuck on rewind. Seeing you again after all this time, Reminds me how fearful I was when I choose not to have made you mine. I remember how easy we were, and your arms felt like my rightful place. When you reached for me, I fell helplessly into your embrace. And what was once a school girl crush. Has now rekindled as an adult love affair in a moments brush. 

Now here we are, all grown up, no longer kids. My fears have subside, but now, you’re the temptation my body forbids, My heart selfishly desires and my mind stubbornly refuses to rid. For I’m reminded of what could have been. If only I was strong enough not to allow fear and doubt to be my greatest sin. Yet echoes of your embrace still lingers on me. I can still feel myself wrapped in your arms lying next to you so comfortably. Yearning to call your embrace, home. Believing it’s the antidote to this emptiness of being alone.

But so much time has already gone by, alas. Is it even possible to revisit sentiments that have long been surpassed. Like how I feel when I see your handsome smile. Yes, I’m Still… Infatuated by your handsome smile. And finding myself still able to get lost in your alluring brown eyes. Consumed by the repetitive thought of you and me. Selfishly flirting with hope, to make these thoughts a reality. If only our dance of Love and Life could fall into perfect time. When your desire to be with me, at last matches mine. We’d come to experience a love only a few truly finds. When two hearts become one, for our paths were destined to combine. Because I’ve been saving all my Love just for you. And after all this time, you still adore me, too. But I’m not able to act upon what I truly feel. And my desire to be with you I struggle each day to conceal. Fighting this daily battle to endure in God’s grace. To put him first and not allow my selfish desires to become my disgrace. 

Hesitantly, I ask you not to un-break my heart. For that ache will become my remedy as we remain apart. As I overcome the echoes of your memory saturated in my existence. Watching love gradually drift away into the distance. For if you love someone and set them free. God’s able to bring them back, if it’s his divine plan to be.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Inspired Ink by LadyJo: Sweet Memories

Inspired Ink by LadyJo: Sweet Memories: by: Ladyjo Sweet memories… Collected in love songs and eminent places Painted in movies and soft embraces Delectable meals acros...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sweet Memories

by: Ladyjo

Sweet memories…
Collected in love songs and eminent places
Painted in movies and soft embraces
Delectable meals across a table of smiling faces
Whispering sweet names and familiar phrases
Exchanging adoring looks and intimate gazes
As I’m remembering love

Memories of frozen moments in time
Seemed like it was created by the divine
Portraits of what should have been for a lifetime
When a professed love was defined
Romanticizing emotions that were so sublime
Each moment forced our hearts to align
As beings who were destined to intertwined

Sweet memories…
Shared, when love was young and tender
When hearts were vulnerable and surrendered
And emotions had no sensor
And willingness was not endangered
A comfort to bare in honest splendor
Finding hope in a love we both choose to render
As I’m remembering love

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Brothers…. For Them

By: Ladyjo

My soul cries for my young black brothers
The weeping of my heart is overwhelming……for them
To see each day one by one they keep dropping
Victims to the streets, their souls they freely giving
To the master of hopelessness and despair
Who steals their dreams and keeps them in fear
Feeding them lies, and telling them no body cares

My soul cries for my young black brothers
The hurt within me runs deep……for them
Over taken by the pressures of this generation
Mentally believing they fresh off the plantation
Taught to cast blame on all but themselves for not being free,
Enslaved in their minds and refusing to see
That being OF this world keeps them encaged
Sad to say more than half has yet to live pass legal age
As mommas fall on her knees, begging God please
Endlessly offering up prayers
With overwhelming eyes filled with tears
Asking for one more night for her son’s life may be spared

My soul cries for my young black brothers
The spirit within me grieves……..for them
To know their vision have been lost in darkness and defeat
While they are convinced that they belong to these streets
So they accept the lies and live in fear of a future they cheat
Refusing hope, denying faith, living life incomplete
And one by one their dreams they slowly delete
Lost vision, dreamless dreams, thoughtless future
Living in the last days, heading for eternal torture
Unaware that the lion never sleeps
For their souls he consistently competes

My soul cries for my young black brothers
Rivers of tears I silently cry…..for them
To see all their potential hidden or lost
Not understanding their worth and true cost
All they do is live for the moment, living daily in earthly judgment
At night when they sleep their mind the enemy torments
Desperately wanting to fit in, to just understand the definition of their brown skin
But no matter how hard they try they still can’t win
Professors, Lawyers, Doctors, even with a PHD, their color remains their #1 sin
Ignorance caused by lack of knowledge equals feared by many
Yet all they want is to survive and earn more than just a penny
Take care of their family and live out their days with joy happily

My soul cries for my young black brothers
But, as my soul cries, my faith rise…..for them
For I know who they are, yet in my eyes they are my heroes and superstars
As they, so was I born into the same adversity, place on this land to render diversity
Battered, Conflicted, tossed back and forth
My faith in them will give them strength, love, and support
For no matter how hard the enemy tries to shackle their feet
In my heart of hearts I know they will over come and this world they will defeat
For although we’ve lost so many, millions more still live on
And still need the true nurture of a sista to help them stand strong and keep pressing on

But through all that
My soul believes in my young black brothers
My love and faith runs deep… for them
So I say to you, stand tall, head held high, and never give up or give in
With courage and strength, keep the faith, know your worth see your potential
And understand that your presence in this world is essential 

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