Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eyes Gazed On Low

By Ladyjo

Eyes gazed on low, Filled with storms of rain, Poured out upon
From the brokenness of heart, To see the paths chosen
Directed by fear… faithless, hopeless
Of a future already laid out, Ohhh, how much love you must have
To look on low, To see evil prevail… chosen
Darkness rule the path… chosen
Your children stray……..chosen
Ohhh, why must you shed tears
How many more drops, How many more pain
How many more floggings, How many more ground covered red
Repeating the Via Dolorosa
Because of You… creator, potter, way-maker, path-director,
Provider, comforter, healer, omnipotent, omnipresent
Why doubt… the tomorrows, Why fear… what’s already been
Why live… as if eternity exists not, Why hope… for yesterday
Why faith… only when seen, Why trust… my future, my hands
Oh how precious are the Eyes that gazed on low
Filled with storms of rain, Poured out upon, Us
From the brokenness of heart, Bestowed
Forgive, I plea, Forgive…and seize not thy Love from thee

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