Thursday, June 23, 2016

Show Me You

by: LadyJo

From your words, your commands, I’ve been taught, With a price I know I’ve been bought
Because of your Love, your kingdom I will enter, One day when all I surrender
One desire I ask you to reveal, Show Me You, Help me ignore what I feel
Whether in the sky big and blue, Or beneath the ocean through and through
Always remind me it’s all because of you,
Anywhere I go within this land, Show Me You, Father help me to understand
Open my heart and help me to know, through you, all things die and all things grow
So show me your love, Show me your kingdom, Above all bless me with spiritual wisdom
Take my hand, Guide my path, Help me to avoid forever your wrath
Close and open doors allow me see, The times you’ve always provided for me
Give me strength, Give me courage, With your word give me your knowledge
Bless me always with gifts from above, And let me live forever in your Love
For on the day I depart from this earth
Only then will I see and understand the true meaning of your birth

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