Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eyes Gazed On Low

By Ladyjo

Eyes gazed on low, Filled with storms of rain, Poured out upon
From the brokenness of heart, To see the paths chosen
Directed by fear… faithless, hopeless
Of a future already laid out, Ohhh, how much love you must have
To look on low, To see evil prevail… chosen
Darkness rule the path… chosen
Your children stray……..chosen
Ohhh, why must you shed tears
How many more drops, How many more pain
How many more floggings, How many more ground covered red
Repeating the Via Dolorosa
Because of You… creator, potter, way-maker, path-director,
Provider, comforter, healer, omnipotent, omnipresent
Why doubt… the tomorrows, Why fear… what’s already been
Why live… as if eternity exists not, Why hope… for yesterday
Why faith… only when seen, Why trust… my future, my hands
Oh how precious are the Eyes that gazed on low
Filled with storms of rain, Poured out upon, Us
From the brokenness of heart, Bestowed
Forgive, I plea, Forgive…and seize not thy Love from thee

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Echoes of You

By: Ladyjo

Echoes of your touch still lingers on my fingertips. Just as the taste of your lips still lingers from your ardent kiss. Thoughts of you gracefully waltz on the dance floor of my mind. To a familiar melody that’s now stuck on rewind. Seeing you again after all this time, Reminds me how fearful I was when I choose not to have made you mine. I remember how easy we were, and your arms felt like my rightful place. When you reached for me, I fell helplessly into your embrace. And what was once a school girl crush. Has now rekindled as an adult love affair in a moments brush. 

Now here we are, all grown up, no longer kids. My fears have subside, but now, you’re the temptation my body forbids, My heart selfishly desires and my mind stubbornly refuses to rid. For I’m reminded of what could have been. If only I was strong enough not to allow fear and doubt to be my greatest sin. Yet echoes of your embrace still lingers on me. I can still feel myself wrapped in your arms lying next to you so comfortably. Yearning to call your embrace, home. Believing it’s the antidote to this emptiness of being alone.

But so much time has already gone by, alas. Is it even possible to revisit sentiments that have long been surpassed. Like how I feel when I see your handsome smile. Yes, I’m Still… Infatuated by your handsome smile. And finding myself still able to get lost in your alluring brown eyes. Consumed by the repetitive thought of you and me. Selfishly flirting with hope, to make these thoughts a reality. If only our dance of Love and Life could fall into perfect time. When your desire to be with me, at last matches mine. We’d come to experience a love only a few truly finds. When two hearts become one, for our paths were destined to combine. Because I’ve been saving all my Love just for you. And after all this time, you still adore me, too. But I’m not able to act upon what I truly feel. And my desire to be with you I struggle each day to conceal. Fighting this daily battle to endure in God’s grace. To put him first and not allow my selfish desires to become my disgrace. 

Hesitantly, I ask you not to un-break my heart. For that ache will become my remedy as we remain apart. As I overcome the echoes of your memory saturated in my existence. Watching love gradually drift away into the distance. For if you love someone and set them free. God’s able to bring them back, if it’s his divine plan to be.