Thursday, February 11, 2016

Goodbye To My Friend

By: LadyJo

Eyes flow like water falls
Memories replay like re-runs
Heart filled with sorrow
For my friend I won’t see tomorrow
As another day dawns, our separate ways we go
Anxiety and excitement will be present no more
For my friend I won’t see walking through the door
Each day became a blessing
From conversations we had to laughter shared
It was wonderful knowing someone who always cared
Thanks for your wisdom, Thanks for your smiles
Thanks for bringing enjoyment to a dim, shallowed life
The joy you shared I will always remember
Thanks to the Love of our Lord
To whom we can always cry out to and surrender
So I’ll continue to share the joys you gave
And let my light shine always as it did within thee
So like you the golden gates may one day receive me 

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