Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Love's Reality

by: LadyJo

Emotional feelings, desires forbidden
Reflecting on moments of days still hidden
Painting pictures of tomorrow, with each thought that flows
Embracing ideas of love, perfection that grows
What makes the heart beat with emotions so rich in pleasure
Causing fantasies to become such as hidden treasure
It’s a smell of a rose, a touch of the hand
A feel of a raindrop, A tune well sang
What makes this emotion, something of necessity?
Such as the air I breathe or life received
It’s the embrace of the spirits, with a touch of the souls
This thing called Love, much precious than gold
 Given from the heart, blessed to received
Heaven’s little angel, disguised in emotions so often deceives
Blessed is the sight, sent down from above
Within the reality of the mind, begins this thing called Love

Photo courtesy of http://agbillig.com/chose-love/ 

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