Tuesday, February 9, 2016


by: LadyJo
Why THEY keep telling me I have to be a size two,
Have to fit the look of a supermodel
Dine on spring water and celery sticks;
To compete with all these unreal worldly chicks
Who’s out here seeking all the wrong attention
Thinking they cute showing off all their un-mentions
Just to get some due to take a look their way
Who’ll get their number, take em on a date, sleep with em, and then throw em away

Honestly, I don’t have no mo time for all that mess
Been there, done that, I’m now a child of God and I’m truly blessed
Taken away from all the fake-ism of this world
Given a new life, went from a pebble on the street to a precious pearl
Yet for some reason THEY don’t see that
Just walking around behind my back with dey mouth full of bad chat
Yearning to take the splinter out of my eye
Yet the blinding plank in theirs they refuse to see, and they deny

Man, life’s too short to walk around worried and stress
To starve myself one breath shy of death
Yeahhh…. I know, I can spare to loose a pound or two
Drop these thighs, smaller waistline, and a nickel belly too
But I’m comfortable in my skin
Took awhile, but I overcame the emptiness that haunted me within
And just when I thought, finally peace in the midst of my domain… pssss
Here THEY come telling me about my self all over again
Why don’t you wear your hair long and straight
Encouraging me to compromise the true beauty of my ancestral trait
Chemicalize your brain and lighten your skin
When THEY gonna learn, outer change just hiding the real sin within
Man… I had my share of attention, dinner dates and one time boyfriends
Had my share of waking up each morning, putting on my face and pretend
That life was all that, no worries no stress
Going out four nights a week thinking I’m cute in my too tight too short black dress
Walking down the street hearing dues shouting….
“Pssssssss, Hey Sweetness! 
Stop here awhile let me get your number and your address”
That was then, this is now

Yeah being a size two, I admit, I sure would be cute
But how many will really see pass the looks into my spiritual roots
Just being a size two ain’t all that it’s made out to be
You know how many size twos I know still miserable and unhappy
Look, All I can do is just be me, live in my skin
Have respect for my temple, keep it pure so that one day I can trade it in
But really, on the day of judgment
Is God really gonna worry about how much time I spent in the gym
Or will he judge me based on my faith and repentance from sin
So THEY can take that to the bank and wheel and come again!!!

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