Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mother Earth

by: LadyJo

I look at you out side my window
I see the changes you are going through
Life, Growth, Survival, Death
Your cycle awakens deep thoughts within me
As to why we exist?
As to why we are created?
And the purpose of why we live
Exploring my thoughts
I begin to understand
To be created is to have been the vision of one’s creation
Well thought out and designed specifically for a purpose
To live is to have love
We keep alive that which is most precious to our heart
To grow is to develop
Into more than what began, maturing with time and experience
And to Die is to have lived
Leaving behind a legacy of one’s existence
A trail to prove to those who come after
That what is no more, once was
So I look at you outside my window
Mother Earth
As your leaves fall, and your tears drop
I see you speaking loudly to my heart
As you reside into a deep sleep once more
Waiting to be re-born, in the dawn of day

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