Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Becarz Yuh Been Evryting To Me

by: LadyJo

Lawd hav mercy, Sometimes, dis life get rough yuh no
An many times, I havta reap wat I sow

Now, I no, I ain’t no spring chicken
I make my share a mistakes, taken a licken, but by your grace you still keep meh tickin

In dis life, yea I face many trials and tribulation
Latah times asking meh self, boi, but how I get in dis situation?

Standin up between a rock and a hard place
Only able to tun my eyes to de hills from which cometh my grace

Crying Lawwwwd, remember meh
Yuh dartah, your servant, please tell meh yuh dey and tell meh yuh see

How de enemy constantly throwing pot holes in my way
Tryin hard to make my foot slip, cazing meh to stray

Over him, I ain’t got no strength, ain’t got no power
So if I don’t depend on yuh, that enemy will have a feast on my soul as he devower

Lawd, I no yuh never promise meh riches, and fortune, and fame
Never promise meh a easy life, with no lighting, no tundah, an no rain

Even doe many days it feel like passin thru dees rivers dey slowly tun into quick san
Lemme just keep putting one foot in front de odah as you take my han and lead me to your promise lan

Mehson its hard yuh no, you lookin down, you could see
But Fardah God where else besides with you would I rahda be?

Caz is only glory and heaven is all dat matta, the only true aim
Giving up jus ain’t a choice, I hav to hole on to de faith I proclaim

See even doe life past and life to come, I will face many hard times
I know once I stay hidden undah your wings, I know this mountain will get easier to climb

From whey you fine meh to whey you bring meh, I still got some ways to go
But Fardah God, one day at a time as you change my character an my mine, onto maturity I will grow

Tru de storms and come wat mey, my Jehovah Jirah you will stay
When the enemy try to over take me, I will call on you my Jehovah Nissi
An when it is finish and my body is laid below, joyful my spirit will rest in you my Jehovah Shaloh

So yes, in dis life dears no guarantee
But I inten to trust and obey, an humbly offer my self daily to thee
Fardah God, Becarz yuh, been evryting to me…

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