Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tears On My Pillow

by: LadyJo

Tears on my pillow
Falling like waterfalls
At the end of a babbling brook
As I’m compelled to walk boldly into my security
Unveiled from the obscurity
In believing that you were my hope

But I feel a presence reaching out to comfort me
Catching each tear that falls
Calling each one by name
Caused by this emotional affliction that aches my heart
Feeling immersed by this moments in time
As I lay here grieving the demise of a lost hope

Internally I scream, I shout for hope’s return
For a future to be rewritten
For our existing path to be unknown  
When red roses bloomed not only in spring
But all year round
As love through hope was have
When a future never became a past

But in this very moments
Laid open to the characteristics of ail
Seeing a loss hope in the basin of my tears
Even though I’m consoled
By one who’s able to catch each tear and call them by name
Reminding me lonely is not the equivalent to alone, so no fear to behold
For love that is now loss, eclipses love that was never found
Anticipating love deferred will be right punctual
But this night I cry tears on my pillow

*Picture courtesy of: National Self Reliance Association

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