Thursday, January 21, 2016

What If My Dream Came Through

by: LadyJo 

I had a dream last night
Of a lost love, we stayed up talking on the phone till the dark sky became light
Romancing the stones of days of old
Remembering a Love that time seem to have stole
The story of us that quickly began
But ended when life’s journey laid out our separate plans
For us to walk two different paths
Only hoping to find ourselves later, together at last
But was it really just a dream
For I must admit hearing the sound of your voice made it seem so real
And the desire to embrace you once again, I’m struggling to conceal
Trying not to give birth to premature emotions
Or permit myself to entertain pointless illusions
That may never come to pass
Leaving an infinite void in my heart when I awake from this dream at last
But what if my dream did come through
What if it really was you that I was talking to
And now I’m finally able to be present with you
To rekindle a love that was cut short, now long over due
I wonder if your dreams would be for the same things too
And allow me to be the only one that from this day forward you’ll awake next to
The one you’ll freely open your heart and soul to be true to
Even though so much time has passed
Even though life may have beaten us up, left us heart broken and harassed
With stolen dreams, leaving us with so much loss
Then at this perfect time threw us back together, once again our paths could cross
Giving us a chance to breathe life into a tale dreamt repeatedly, every once in awhile
Now reignited by three simple likes on a view of a profile
Initiating a dream to step out of the mind into a reality come through
Allowing from this moment to bid adieu to a future alone or without you
So with open arms I gladly welcome the wake of a new day
Prepared to embark on a journey anew continued from yesterday

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