Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Still Stuck In Love

I hear my heart beating
Through the nervousness of being close to you
My voice, lost in silence of this momentarily encounter
Unable to verbalize the overwhelming thoughts I desire to speak
Hoping you could read my mind
Hoping you will notice the wishful look in my eyes
Knowing how much I’m still stuck on you
Still stuck in love
I’m afraid to ruin this moment with words
Afraid to move, although I desire to embrace you
How long will this moment last
How much time do I have before this moment
Becomes a memory in my distant past
I hear my heart, rhythmically
Being tempted to join a waltz in timing with yours
Finding myself still stuck in love
How can I bid this moment last forever
Standing here in front you
Gazing into your eyes
Remembering love, our love
Remembering hope, of our future
You smile…. So I smile…
And my heart melts
For I’m still stuck in love
In love with only the idea of you

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