Friday, January 22, 2016

On an iced-in day in the Queen City

The Lord said, “My precious, I will never leave you,
during your time of trials,when you saw only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you.”

He Was Born To Die

by: Ladyjo

I wonder what you were thinking, while being hung upon that tree
In anguish and pain after being beaten all night, so endlessly

Were you anticipating a quick end, so from this world you would flee
Or were you constantly thinking, and remembering me

Were you thinking of the day, when I would join you in glory
After committing my life to you, after hearing about your life story

How you gave up your crown, and to this world became a slave
Hoping that because of your sacrifice my life would be saved

Flogged, beaten, spat on, and disgraced
All this you endured just so one day I may see you face to face

What greater love is there, than a heavenly king who became a man
Since the beginning of time, this was the Father’s master plan

What greater love is there, than a king who would wash my feet
To show an extent of his love so that my faith may be complete

What greater love is there, that of one who was born to die
To save a wretch like me, a sinner such as I

Born in a manger and died on a tree,
All the way to calvary You went for me

So what was He thinking while being hung upon that tree
He was thinking of the Love he had and still have for you and for me

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  1. This is my favorite so far. <3 Thank you Jesus for dying for me so that I can know you and follow you until we meet in heaven one day. <3