Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Righteous Child

by: LadyJo
Take a moment and watch my video, prayerful it will encourage you today!

Hey Family, 
Since my video quality came through poorly, here are the actual words of the poem.  ~ Enjoy & be Inspired today!!!

How many times have I found myself right here
Faced with the verdict of Trust or Fear
Having to make a decision that will determine the rest of my life
Jump into the Faith of my Lord, or continue living in strife
Unable to see the safety net that will catch me if I choose to fall
If I give into Faith, don’t look back, if I risk it all
Doubtfully, I stand on the edge of this cliff and I wait
Taking time to contemplate
Analyze the true risk of my fate
Realizing whatever I do now will be evident of the life I proclaim
Evident of the doctrine I have confidence in, as I have claimed
Evident that law and physics are not my Lords
Since I have chosen to live by faith, not by sight in Jesus name
Leaving me an example to follow his lead
When He chose his fate and did not recede
With prayer and petition the Father’s plan he fully embodied
When He took the chance and He risked it all
When His verdict was Trust, He made the call
Forgetting what’s behind, looking toward what’s ahead and simply fall
Imitating the walk of this perfect man, I too take a stand
Refusing to be known by anything other than
Righteous child of God!


  1. I too refuse to be known by anything other than a righteous child of God!

  2. Your video was great too. I could read it just fine. Great job!

    1. Thanks foe the feedback Colleen! Glad you liked it!