Saturday, January 2, 2016

With Confidence

by: LadyJo

Confidence in who I am
Since the day I became the child of the Lamb
Imitating the faith of Father Abraham
Following the path laid out for me
Written in the precepts of His decree
Walking with my head held high
Because the chains that held me, He untied
A new life He gave me the day I was baptized the day I was saved
Although to the world He became its slave
Shedding his blood, He died on a tree
Sacrificing His body showed how much He care for me
Lord, Messiah, Savior all names He bears
So thankful He never misses not even my silent prayers
 He gave me His Grace, He gave me His Mercy
He gave me spiritual sight, so that I may see
 He gave me friends, He gave me family
Ever so treasured He gave me His Love for eternity
So, with confidence I sleep, with confidence I rise
With confidence I persevere in step with the Spirits’ stride
Knowing one day this race I would have won
When my eyes finally close, when it is finish, when it is all done!